Stavba školy zahájena – mail od Rogera

From: rgarms [] Sent: 30. May 2011 16:05 To: Jan Pfeiffer; spinka.marek Subject: Progress

Dear Jan and Marek,

I talked with Sarith this weekend and our project is progressing. The well is in, the water is good and we have started to use it to make concrete to pour the slab we will build on. Normally, we would wait for funding before starting to build. However, since we wish to build this year, we had to start the concrete work before the rainy season (the ceremony which marks this was last weekend). Once the rains start, it is not possible to pour concrete.

Sarith is using his own money for the concrete work. He asked me to tell you to raise whatever money you can, and we will progress with the building as the funds come in. So, it looks like we will have a building of some sort by fall, if all goes according to plan. Again, thank you all very much for your help with this.

Best Regards,